Website Analysis

You have invested a lot in your website – but what if it could perform better!

Measure, Change, Measure

Having a clear understanding of how your website works is essential to running a successful online buisness. Analysing your website on a regular basis gives you a complete insight into how your users behave and react to your online marketing messages.

The Key Multimedia team are always up for trying new things and the Internet is also a great playground to try out new ideas. Having access to website analytics is a fundamental requirement in our book that enables you to check what works and what needs changing.

Is your website underperforming?

If your website is underperforming, carrying out a thorough analysis will uncover what issues your visitors might be facing when they use your website. Information about click through paths, abandoned shopping baskets and conversion rates are essential when considering what makes your website engage with your visitors.

Google Analytics – An Essential Tool

We install Google Analytics on all the website projects we work on. This free (and truly awesome) tool allows you to monitor and measure almost every part of your website, from individual page views to natural search engine results, keywords, Pay Per Click campaign monitoring and external links to your website.

What We Offer

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