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At Key Multimedia we pride ourselves in delivering website and content projects that really do make a difference for our clients.

When we started the business back in 2007 we were convinced that we needed to offer more than just web design services. So we set to work on pulling together a team of individuals that could deliver on that idea.

Five years on, we like to think that we have the right blend of technical, creative and analytical skills that means we can offer you a complete range of digital services – from creating an online strategy, building a website right the way through to targeting traffic with SEO and engaging customers with social media.

See our approach to each project.

Commissioning a web project?

We’ve put a few FAQ’s together as we know you will have questions before committing to a project. See our top tips for picking a web agency that will suit your needs.


Our core services are split into four areas


Website Design in DorsetSimple and dependable – that’s the Key Multimedia mantra when it comes to web design and development. Simple solutions that you can depend upon – whether that’s a small brochure style website or a large scale shopping cart supporting thousands of products.

All our website designs are individual, one-off and developed to meet your requirements. We don’t use off the shelf templates so you can be sure you are getting a unique website that is designed just for you. Our approach to development ensures you are kept in the loop at all times and we deliver a quality product.

We also like to give you the tools to make changes to your website without the need for our input – so that’s why all of our websites are developed with a Content Management System (CMS) that ensures you are in control. Oh, and you don’t need to be an IT expert to use them either!

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Search Engine Optimisation in DorsetAs the Internet grows and the competition for high search engine rankings increases, it is no surprise that SEO has become an integral part of web development. Get it right and your website can see a fantastic traffic result, ignore it and your site could be relegated to pages of the search engine results that customers will not ever bother looking at.

Creating a website that has the potential to rank well on search engines is not a magic art and attaining good search engine visibility is certainly within the grasp of most website owners. Our SEO team love a challenge – and we have some great results that prove our worth. But we will also be realistic in what investment you will need to make in order to do well in search engine rankings.

Whether it’s targeting local search traffic, niche keywords or mobile visitors, we will work with you to find a strategy that will give you the best overall opportunity to rank well.

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Content for your website, blog and social mediaSuccessful advertisers know that beauty sells. To promote a holiday package for instance, images of breathtaking scenery, luxurious pools, mouth-watering food, and people enjoying themselves are used. Even the products you buy for features or performance sell better if they look nice.

Words are like that too!

Although you may not consciously realise the profound effect they have on us, your mind works to create mental images from what you read. If there is beauty in the words, the reading experience will be pleasant. Effective writing evokes some kind of positive response: it captivates, it can persuade, create laughter, bring understanding, inspire, unite, and even stimulate success.

That’s what the content team at Key Multimedia do. We write great online copy that is responsible for grabbing and holding the reader’s attention and getting your website noticed.

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From the outside looking in it probably feels like the world has gone crazy for the likes of Twitter, Facebook and Linkedin. And what are Google+, Pinterest and Instagram? I hear you cry.

In a nutshell they are the new communication tools that your customers and other businesses are now using to network with each other. And it’s one of those areas that you don’t know what you are missing until you have jumped in and started using it.

The team at Key Multimedia are experts in creating, managing, monitoring and analysing Social Media campaigns for a wide range of different clients. Whether you are starting from scratch or have a substantial social media presence already, we can help you maximise your social media potential, build your brand and stay one step ahead of the competition.

Our social media services are highly flexible – we can take full control of your social media campaign and all the work involved with it; or work in a more consultancy and guidance-based way, in which we share our expertise, help you build a strategy; show you the best tools and tell you how to get the most out of them. The choice is entirely yours.

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