Search Engine Optimisation

SEO is changing – are you keeping up with it?

Developments in Google’s search algorithm mean that SEO agencies who still use the same strategies they used a few years ago no longer cut the mustard, and are selling their clients short.

At Key Multimedia we are dedicated to ensuring that our approach is at the cutting edge of SEO, and that we have all the right tools and strategies to get you the high quality traffic and conversions your business needs.

What’s more, we won’t keep you in the dark about how we are going to achieve this. We’ll lay out exactly what we’re going to do and report back our results each month to you. No mystery, just clear, easy to understand, and most important of all effective SEO.

Read on to find out how we do it….

A New Approach to SEO for 2017

Search Engine Optimisation in Dorset
Once upon a time, SEO was a simple. In order for your page to be ranked for a particular keyword, Google would need to see that you had that keyword frequently mentioned on the page, and also that the page had lots of links to it from other sites.

Those days are over.

Google’s algorithm has now evolved so that this approach is no longer adequate. Google expects all of the following if your site is to benefit from good rankings and traffic from relevant searches:

How we will help you achieve this:

Technical SEO

We do the technical aspects first of all, and we do them right. These are all the nerdy bits and pieces that go on behind the scenes – the robots.txt files, the rel=canonicals, the 301 redirects, the optimized H1s, and the sitemap.xmls. These things alone won’t get you to the top of Google, but without getting them right you have no chance.

Content Creation

What sets us apart from other agencies is that we specialise in content writing, as well as all the technical bits of SEO. We have experienced, creative word wizards ready to pick up their quills and help you craft the copy you need to capture the attention of your target audience.


We work with a wide variety of clients in sectors including Retail, Travel and Health and we know from experience how important review websites such as TripAdvisor, Google+ Reviews, FeeFo and Trust Pilot are in the decision-making process for your customers.

We’ll show you how to create a strategy for gaining reviews as well as looking after those less than positive bits of feedback.

Online PR

There’s really only one way to get your site the top quality backlinks that Google loves to see, and that’s through PR. While PR might sound a bit old hat in the context of the new, fast-moving world of digital, the fact is that traditional PR techniques are now more indispensable than ever. At Key Multimedia, we know how to get you the PR coverage that will enhance your brand and bring you website traffic.

We combine these distinct elements in one strategy that will help you achieve not only excellent rankings, but also real revenue growth for your online business.

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