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Our approach to exploiting online

The Key Multimedia approach to building an effective online presence

1. Research & Strategy

An effective online presence starts with research and strategyThere is a saying that gets used quite a lot in the online world – “Build it and they will come”. Sounds great in the ideal world – but in our experience it takes a lot more than just building a new website for a website to succeed.

The secret to online success is first creating a list of goals and objectives and then ensuring your online presence is specifically targeted to deliver the results you expect. You wouldn’t build a house without an architect and plans, and you shouldn’t build a website without a digital equivalent.

If you are about to start out on your online journey download our Website Objectives document. It is a simple document for you to fill in and is designed to challenge your thinking about why you want a website; who you are targeting and what indicators you will use to measure its success. This is also an extremely important document for us as it informs the decisions we make on every aspect of your website.

We will also help you to take an in-depth look at your potential customers, carry out a competitor analysis and SEO keyword research. The outcome of this early phase should be a clearly articulated website strategy – that defines what your website is about, who it is targeting and what outcomes it needs to achieve.

We have been involved in some amazing projects over the last five years – a real mix of work for both large and small companies.  Working with Business Link on their regionalisation strategy – a two year project that culminated in consolidating six websites into one and writing an online strategy for the EFCO – European Federation for Camping Organisations – www.campingeurope.com are just two examples of strategic projects we have been involved in.

2. Website Development

Manky Monkey a blog built for the Wetsuit CentreWe combine cutting edge design skills with technical dexterity and marketing expertise to give our clients a powerful web presence that deliver measurable results.

Our aim is to give you simple solutions that you can depend upon – whether that’s for a small brochure style website or a large scale shopping cart supporting thousands of products.

All our website designs are individual, one-off and developed to meet your requirements. We don’t use off the shelf templates so you can be sure you are getting a unique website that is designed just for you. Our approach to development ensures you are kept in the loop at all times and we deliver a quality product.

We also like to give you the tools to make changes to your website without the need for our input – so that’s why all of our websites are developed with a Content Management System (CMS) that ensures you are in control. Oh, and you don’t need to be an IT expert to use them either!

3. Content is King

Content for your website, blogs and social mediaAnother old saying that remains as true now as when it was first uttered.

It is great having a website that looks good, but if the content on your site does not engage your visitors then your website is not working for you. The team at Key Multimedia are used to creating engaging copy for our clients – we do it on a daily basis – writing blogs, website content, tweets and facebook posts.

We will help you create a content schedule that is designed to meet your objectives and deliver results. Setting up a content theme is a great way to group content throughout a campaign. And not forgetting SEO, our team have some great examples of page 1 results that prove how great content can have a winning effect on your web presence.

4. Customer Engagement

Helping you engage with your customersMarketing today is very different than it was a few years ago. The emergence of Social Media has meant there are new ways for you to get closer and engage with your customers. There is also a shift that clearly puts your customers in the driving seat when it comes to sharing feedback and reviews.

We recognise that developing a strong customer engagement approach is an investment in the long-term health of your website. Engaged customers buy more product, give more referrals, remain loyal for longer periods and give better quality feedback.

We will help you give your customers a reason to browse beyond the first page of your website and also show you how to use Social Media to listen, learn and maintain an interactive relationship with your visitors.

5. Online Marketing

Online MarketingLaunching your new website is the first step in creating an effective online presence. Once your website is built, how do you attract visitors? And once they are there, how do they convert them in to customers?

The Key Multimedia Online Marketing team offer a range of services including SEO and Social Media solutions that form part of your overall online marketing strategy. However, we recognise that every business is different so we work with you to decide the best approach to take whether that’s using:-

And we will also help you to monitor the success of your online presence. Our team use a number of tools which track your activity on the web, allowing us to see the progression of your site over time.

6. Measure and Review

Measuring the success of your online presenceWe are great believers in regularly checking on the performance of your online presence – in fact it forms part of our monthly schedule for many of our clients.

We will also help you to monitor the success of your online presence. Our team use a number of tools which track your activity online, allowing you to see the progression of your site and social media channels over time.

Just some of the tools we use to “number crunch”:-

And with measures in place, it becomes easier to see where things can be improved. We review them alongside your original objectives and help you refine your approach to making your online presence a great success.

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